CMAC Industry Group membership is made up of production companies, promotional companies, record labels and  aligned trade associations.

Our industry’s successes are dependent on your skills and passions. Thank you! CMAC’s membership packages vary based on whether you are a venue, trade, industry professional, or fan. All members immediately become a part of our online network, receive invitations to industry events and networking mixers, and enjoy the benefits of government advocacy. We believe strongly in empowering our members through education and resource sharing. CMAC’s information materials and tools help build awareness and promote collective action, making our businesses more prosperous, efficient, safe, and fun. Below you will find some highlights of benefits and services you will receive as a CMAC Industry Group.


  • Advocacy
  • Online action network and grassroots organizing
  • Position papers
  • Legislation tracking
  • Meet and greets with elected officials and industry representatives


  • Networking opportunities
  • Monthly membership mixers
  • Invitations to special industry events co-hosted with our partners
  • City Insider events
  • E-newsletter


  • Business and accounting workshops
  • Compliance workshops
  • Outreach and neighbor relations workshops
  • Special trainings in collaboration with government agencies


  • Industry advocacy
  • Meet and greets with industry representatives


  • Member Voting Rights
  • Membership Dues are Tax Deductible
  • Government Relations
  • Industry Advocacy
  • Educational Workshops
  • Marketing & Networking Opportunities
  • Admission to Special Events
  • Online Action Network
  • E-Newsletter Subscription
  • Group Alcohol Purchasing (coming soon)
  • Group Insurance Plans
  • Discounted Legal Services
  • Admission to City Insider Luncheons
  • Host Site for Monthly Membership Mixers
  • Business Management Training Seminars
  • Free Compliance Consultations

If paying by check, please make check payable to "California Music and Culture Association" and send to CMAC, P.O.Box 77406, San Francisco, CA 94107

Have questions? We'd be happy to answer any questions you have. Just shoot an email to

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