About Us

Who we are

The California Music And Culture Association (CMAC) is an alliance of venue owners, industry professionals, artists, and fans dedicated to the preservation and enrichment of music and culture in the State of California.

What we do

CMAC aims to both preserve and foster safe and positive environments that support our state’s valued music, culture, and entertainment industries.

CMAC and its members consist of:

  • Advocates for responsibility and accountability. As an advocate for effective entertainment regulations and safe neighborhoods, CMAC educates its members about existing policies, compliance measures, and proactive good neighbor practices.
  • Standard bearers of California’s values. The Golden State’s historical nightlife promotes culturally-diverse music and embraces collective belonging, thus reinforcing that there is something for everyone - dance clubs, music venues, and neighborhood pubs.
  • Drivers of economic development. The entertainment industry is a significant job generator, tourist attraction, and tax revenue source for vital city and state services.

CMAC is a membership based, non-profit 501(c)(6) trade association. Tax ID #: 27-1535457

california music and culture association