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For One Hardcore Year...

metal card

Lucky owners of a CMAC Metal Card

  • Get into the best clubs, venues, events and parties for free, with a plus one

  • Skip the line outside and go directly to the door

  • Have an entire year of club and bar hopping to enjoy!

The CMAC Metal Card can be used at the following clubs, venues, events and parties:

Only a limited number of CMAC Metal Cards can be won each year exclusively at CMAC events.

Keep in touch for the next time you can enter to win!

Restrictions on card holder’s privileges include but are not limited to;  minimum age requirements, event or venue capacity, private events, patrons that are banned, and other situations that have safety or legal considerations. We recommend contacting the venue in advance of an event that may sell out or reach capacity.

For information on your venue joining the CMAC Metal Card program, contact Info@CMACsf.org or call 415-863-1565

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