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Economic Impact Report - 1st Ever in SF

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Entertainment & Nightlife:

Economic Impact Study & Hearing on March 5th

In 2011, Supervisor Scott Wiener, in one of his first acts in office, requested that the City Economist prepare an economic impact report detailing the contributions to San Francisco's economy of nightlife and entertainment.  While we all know the cultural benefits of entertainment and nightlife for a vibrant, living city -- one that attracts and retains a diverse population, including people of all ages -- we haven't quantified their economic impact, for example, jobs, tax revenue, and tourism.  Once we understand the economic impact of entertainment and nightlife, we will have the information we need to make informed public policy in the area, as opposed to making policy in an information vacuum.  We will no longer be in a position where we are regulating an industry without actually understand that industry's economics.

The economic impact report will be available in early March, before the hearing.  At the hearing, the City Economist will present his findings, followed by presentations by other departments.  The public is invited to attend and provide feedback.  We look forward to a robust showing and great information about our industry.  Make this a great lunch get away and show your nightlife support and cheer on the first SF report of its kind.

DATE/: Monday March 5

TIME/PLACE:  NOON - Rally and press conference on City Hall steps (Polk Street side)

TIME/PLACE: 1 PM:  Hearing at Board of Supervisors Land Use Committee in City Hall Room 263

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