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CMAC Membership Benefits

Dear Members, Fans and Supporters:

We want to thank you for considering signing up as a member of the California Music and Culture Association and helping us to create California’s first-ever nightlife industry trade association. We've made incredible progress this past year and a half and it truly wouldn't have been possible without you. I hope that you can share our satisfaction in having taken the very first steps in giving a real voice to the "Other 9 to 5."

Included below is a list of CMAC’s accomplishments since our inception. This list is impressive for any organization, much less one that is so young. More important than any individual accomplishment, however, is the fact that we have created a responsive, well-oiled machine that is ready to react to any government action that adversely affects our industry. No longer will we stand by while our bottom-line, investments and reputations are racked by poorly drafted or short-sighted initiatives, over-zealous enforcers, or ill-informed journalists. That is why we say with firm resolve that CMAC is in existence to "Empower the Other 9 to 5.”

Some of Our Accomplishments:

1. We defeated the ill-conceived alcohol fee that would have disproportionately burdened our industry.

2. We worked with Senator Mark Leno to stop the California ABC’s over regulation of infused beverages.

3. We worked with Assemblywoman Fiona Ma to modify her Anti-Rave Act so that electronic music would not be inappropriately banned on public venues.

4. We partnered with the Recording Academy to produce both a citywide supervisorial candidates forum at Yoshi’s and a mayoral forum at the Fillmore.

5. We've organized two Nightlife Safety Summits to provide our members valuable information before Halloween and New Years Eve, the two biggest nights for our industry.

6. We developed a Compliance Best Practice Guide for venue owners and operators.

7. We spent countless hours at City Hall advocating for policies that make it easier for our industry to conduct business.

AND right now we are working to make the Western Soma more business friendly.

We simply cannot continue this important work without you and your membership. That is why we ask that you renew your membership now so we can continue working to solidify our gains and minimize the possibility of having to fight these same battles again at a later date. We will do this by continuing our work at the local level, while we establish ourselves as a viable statewide force, with the clout to protect ourselves and our state-issued permits and licenses from those who do not share our values.

So please take a moment to renew. When you do, please know that your dues are money well spent for no trade organization has been more successful in changing the political climate that threatened so many of us our businesses just 18 months ago.

Our collective livelihoods depend upon it.

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