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May 2014 Newsletter

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A Message from our President

Natasha Koral,
CMAC President

Night Schooled!

“Night School” founders Alex Kaufman and Seth Capron where thinking outside of the box when they gave us the most innovative solution in forty years to our late-night Trans-Bay transportation problems. Perhaps, it's time we do too.  Let’s think BART 2.0! READ MORE...


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Just Ask Guy!

Unsolicited advice for the Industry from CMAC's Executive Director, Guy Carson.

What You Don't Know Will Close You!


According to reliable sources within the SFPD, the ABC is investigating drug sales in San Francisco’s nightclubs. This could be sales by patrons of the establishment to other patrons, or by employees.

Either situation will usually mean that the offending club’s liquor license will be revoked. We have been told that there are five “large clubs” that will have charges filed against them... READ MORE

HRA And The Vanishing Nightclub

We were able to turn back the clock on Supervisor Campos’ “irrevocable HRA” ordinance, at least for a while...READ MORE

From The San Francisco Bar Owners Alliance...

Ben Bleiman,
SF Bar Owners Alliance

An Update on HRA Legislation and Minimum Wage Proposals


For anyone who doesn’t already know, SF City Hall is currently putting forth measures to change the rules on Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRAs) and to raise the minimum wage to $15 or above. There are a lot of unknowns in these processes, but we have been following them both very closely. The following is what we know... READ MORE

Members, Members, Members

As always it's something about Membership... The bigger we are, the bigger our voice! AND we ALWAYS need money... So if you're an existing member we ask for you to re-up now, and if you're new to the game, become a member and get involved.

It's the small investment that pays off big, for if the past has taught us anything, it is that it pays to be organized!

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