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CMAC Members & Friends Invited to Club Health San Francisco 2013 Conference

Club Health is the 8th International Conference on Nightlife, Substance Use and Related Health Issues, and this year it’s here in San Francisco. This conference, being held May 28-30 of this year at the Mark Hopkins InterContinental hotel, marks the first time such an event has happened in North America. It represents an unprecedented gathering of city planners, researchers, public health officials and advocates from across the U.S., Canada, Mexico & South America meeting up with those from Europe and the UK to share best practices about nightlife health and safety around the globe.

Nightlife promoters, venue owners and managers are a vital part of this conversation. With cities like San Francisco leading the way toward recognizing the economic and cultural value of nightlife, and the crossover among dance, pop and hip hop music driving a surge in the number of young people seeking clubs and festivals to attend, this conference couldn’t come at a better time. The challenges and opportunities of nightlife management will be the focus of one of the plenaries led by Jocelyn Kane of the San Francisco Entertainment Commission, and another on large event planning best practices will be chaired by CMAC Board Members Deborah Jackman and Robbie Kowal.. Other topics include discussing new strategies for preventing alcohol-related harm, and a plenary that presents the past, present and future of how drug use has been handled – and challenges the audience to consider new solutions. With parallel sessions featuring over 50 individual presentations in addition to this, the program is going to be incredibly valuable to anyone who works to make our cities’ nightlife better planned and more vibrant. Not to mention the networking opportunities you won’t find anywhere else! This meeting is the only one of its kind where you can discover new ideas and build partnerships with colleagues working in other cities and even other countries.

You can find out more details about the event, including bios of some of the plenary speakers, on the website – www.clubhealthsf2013.org – or go directly to the registration page at http://www.clubhealthsf2013.org/registration/how-to-register. CMAC members and friends can register using the discount code “CMAC5" to get $50 off the regular price!

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